Local Training

Amadora creative education specialists delivering training in each partner city

Local TrainingTrainers from Amadora- Elisa Moreira and Marina Palacio

As the project developed, it became clear that all cities had a common focus that was on education and young people. In order to build capacity at the local level and provide some hands-on peer to peer coaching, a schedule of local training was organised. Two highly skilled creative educators- Elisa Moreira (high school teacher) and Marina Palacio (artist) went on tour to visit each city and work with teachers, youth workers and community artists. A strength of the Amadora campaign ‘Do Not Feed the Rumour’ was the involvement of schools, teachers and young people, some of whom became anti-rumour agents. Elisa and Marina are two educators who have continued to develop their practice to work around the issues of living peacefully together and confronting discrimination.

Film about the training process’Film about the training process


Reflections from participant Victoria Siedlecka-Dorosz from Theatre 21 WarsawReflections from participant Victoria Siedlecka-Dorosz from Theatre 21 Warsaw